Plastics Crisis

What is the single biggest problem facing our oceans today? Single use plastic. It’s that simple. Those plastic items that we consume every day without a second thought. A plastic straw in a plastic wrapper attached to our kid’s juice carton; the plastic water bottles you take to the gym; the plastic bags handed over at the counter to hold your fruit and vegetables; the plastic spoon attached to your lunchtime yoghurt.

Single use plastic really does impact our environment, in a way we can see for ourselves. Just visit your local waterway – be it a river, the beach, a local canal, and you’ll see littered around old crisp packets, plastic cutlery, straws and crushed bottles. This is all so very devastating to the local ecosystem.


Surfers Against Sewage

It is this sorry sight that prompted Kept to do something. Not just by designing and bringing to the world beautifully crafted flasks, but by actively supporting charities whose ethos and ours are intertwined. We proudly support Surfers against Sewage, whose wonderful work in the field of cleaning up beaches is there for all to see.

It’s important for us that our business can positively affect change in the environment, first by reducing the amount of single use plastics you buy, and secondly by actively supporting the clean up of the mess already there.

For every Kept bottle you buy, you could be reducing your single use plastic count by two hundred in just one year. We use, on average in the UK a staggering 36 million plastic bottles everyday! What’s worse is that nearly half of that isn’t even recycled – an eye-dropping 5.8 billion bottles!