Frequently Asked Questions

What material are Kept products made from?

The double walled body is made from high quality 18/8 grade stainless steel – the most suitable material for your beverage and food.

Water bottle: Our lids are made from naturally antibacterial acacia wood, BPA free plastic and silicone.

Travel Mug: Our lids are made from BPA free plastic and a BPA free non-slip silicone base.

Food Jar: Our lids are made from BPA free plastic and a BPA free integrated silicone band and and BPA free spork.

What is the capacity of the Kept products?

Water Bottle - 600ml

Travel Mug - 340ml

Food Jar - 540ml

What is the dimensions of the Kept products?

Water Bottle - 275mm in height and 80mm in diameter

Travel Mug - 140mm in height and 85mm in diameter

Food Jar - 160mm in height and 85mm in diameter

Where are the Kept products made?

Kept is designed in London and responsibly manufactured in China.

How long do Kept products keep beverages and food hot or cold?

Kept products are designed to keep your beverage or food hot for up to six hours and cold for up to twelve hours.

Can I get a replacement lid for my water bottle?

Yes. Please contact us at to order a replacement lid.

Do Kept products rust and are they durable?

Kept products don’t rust as they are built from durable stainless steel.

Are Kept products leak proof?

Yes, our products are leak proof – just make sure you screw the top on firmly.

Are Kept products BPA free?

Yes, they are BPA free. BPA is a harmful toxin that is found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used by some disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. These bottles leach BPA from the bottle into your water.

Usage and Care

How best to use my Kept product?

Keeping your beverage cold we recommend filling your bottle with pre chilled water from your fridge. Alternatively, you can fill your bottle directly from the tap and top up with ice cubes.

Keeping your beverage or food hot, we recommend filling your Kept product  with boiling water first to heat the inside, then empty out the boiling water and fill with your choice of beverage or food.

Don’t fill to the top as a buildup of pressure could cause scolding when opening.

What is the best way to clean my Kept product?

The best way is to use hot soapy water and a brush to scrub off any residue. Luckily Kept products have a wide mouth which makes cleaning easy.

How should I store my Kept product?

We recommend removing the lid when drying and storing, to allow your product to breath in order to prevent a build up of any nasty smells.


How do I apply to stock Kept products?

If you would like to become a trade partner and stock Kept products, please email us on

How do I return and exchange an item?

If you are returning your product due to a change of mind, please return the item unused and in the original packaging with all labels intact, within 28 days of purchase. As long as the item meets our terms and conditions, we will issue a full refund or exchange. The delivery charge will not be refunded in such cases.

Returning a Faulty Item

If there is a fault with your item upon delivery please contact us at straight away. We will then provide you with the address of our distribution centre to return the item within 14 days whereupon receipt of the faulty item we will inspect and issue a full refund.