Why choose Kept?

Our Kept bottles are designed with beauty and sustainability in mind. We want to help you move away from the culture of using single use plastic bottles to a more environmentally responsible mindset. When we talk about eliminating single use plastics we are not merely just looking at replacing them with any bottle. A Kept bottle has environmental responsibility at its heart, from design, packaging, manufacture and shipping. Our bottles are responsibly made in Zheijang, mainland China, where the latest BSCI standards are strictly maintained to ensure all materials used are of the highest standard, both in terms of hygiene and structure. All materials are vigorously checked by third party accredited testers that monitor all materials and check the chemical composition used. Once manufactured, our products are shipped to us by sea freight, again leading the way in terms of environmental impact. We’re also committed to reducing packaging waste, so our products are delivered to you with zero plastic packaging. So when we say Kept for life, we mean it.

Beautiful gift packaging

Each Kept bottle is special. That’s why we deliver our bottle to you in our exclusive gift packaging – sustainably made with zero plastic and 100% recyclable. A gift you’d be proud to give, and delighted to receive.