UN Report Reaction

Climate Change. Fake news or an uncomfortable truth?

Well according to the United Nations ground-breaking IPCC Report it’s not only real, but irreversible. The report holds back, just, on describing it a climate change catastrophe on condition that it can only be averted if drastic action is taken by all. Now.

The temperature statistics speak for themselves. At no other period in the past two thousand years have temperatures increased on a global scale as they have the last fifty.

Evidence can be seen in all directions with forest fires raging through the US, Europe, North Africa and Asia, to severe flooding afflicting global powerhouses Germany and China.

Industrialisation has brought the world untold benefits without doubt, but finally the realisation that the cost of this growth is to our own detriment (or destruction?), the destruction of our environment, our habitat, our planet. Our home.

A modicum of light appears as heads of state soon make their way to the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The commendable goals of the Paris climate agreement from 2015 need to be reviewed, with much more drastic action required across the globe to avert the climate catastrophe.

We’ve seen how nations can come together to fight the pandemic afflicting mankind. Now it’s time for them to join forces again to save our planet.

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What is Climate Change?

Simply put, the climate is the weather around you, on average over many years. A change to those conditions constitute climate change. Human activities, particularly those prevalent over the past

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