Sustainability – what does it really mean?

Sustainability. What does it really mean? The word gets banded about all over, from clothing, cars, food packaging, you name it. But what does it really mean? What makes something sustainable?

In this fast fashion culture we find ourselves in, does sustainable really mean it’s built to last and ready to use again and again, or just that it’s built using recyclable material  but only to be used fleetingly until the next big thing comes along?

To be truly sustainable one first needs to change their own mindset. Committing to switching from buying plastic water bottles when needed to remembering to fill up your own Kept bottle and keep it with you wherever you go, to ridding yourself of using plastic bags and instead have the reusable one tucked into your jeans when going out. It’s not always the most convenient choice, but the right choice isn’t either.

As the world moves away from the traditional combustion engine in the motoring sense, so too we should see the demise of single use plastic stacking the shelves of our supermarkets and convenience stores. What would replace them? We can imagine a not too distant future where customers take their glass jars, bottles and storage containers with them to the local supermarket, filling up whatever they need from milk, water, juice, fruit, rice and pulses from large containers. Only then will we really live sustainably. Ridding our selves and minds of plastic once and for all.

Your children will thank you for it.

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